About Us

Since 1972, Lepitre has been a leader in the world of granite.

aboutus After 40 years of innovation, Lepitre Granite is proud to offer our clients yet another range of products with Xtreme Granite.

Our team of professionals offer our clients, countertops for kitchen and bathrooms of the highest quality and the best possible price.



We have assembled the right team to make any vision a reality. We offer a personalized service that is delivered on time and on budget.

Josee Grenier - Company CEO


Fastest delivery time on the market Guaranteed.

our working processin 3 EASY steps

You just need to choose your product type, color and edging.

Planning & Quoting

Schedule an appointment and let our experts do the rest !


Using the best CNC tooling, we can quickly and efficiently cut, and polish your counters.


Our experienced team of installers will deliver and install the finished product.

Quality is Fundamental

At Xtreme Granite, we believe that quality is a fundamental element in maintaining customer’s satisfaction.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible product, which is why our team of experts rigorously inspect all of our counters, monuments and construction materials before they’re delivered, insuring the best quality, often surpassing industry standards.

From customer service to delivery, you deserve the best and Xtreme Granite can deliver.

Competitive Pricing

Xtreme Granite is proud of having long standing relationships with our quartz and granite suppliers and therefore, we are in a position to offer our clients the best possible products at the lowest possible price.

Our competitive prices in conjunction with our product warranties will, without a doubt, cater to you needs.

Excellence is our Goal

Our team of professionals, pride themselves in the impeccable service that they offer.

Excellence is our goal and by constantly trying to improve ourselves, we know that goal is attainable.

From quoting to the actual installation, you can count on our experts to facilitate the completion of each project you undertake.

On time and on Budget

Today everything goes quickly and we know it.

At Xtreme Granite, we aim to respond quickly and effectively to your needs.

At each stage of your project, we are committed to meet deadlines.

Our agreements with our partners are facilitated by our sense of responsibility and our ability to be present at the right time.

The Heart of our Company

At the heart of our company, our fundamental values propel us to the front of the industry.

We wish to exhibit, with each collaboration and each completed project, the passion we hold for our products and services.

Fundamental values :

• Quality of our services and our products
• Tradition
• Integrity
• Collaboration and proximity to our clients

Xtreme Granite offers unparalleled support

Whether you are a cabinet maker, kitchen designer/retailer, development group, contractor or architect, Xtreme Granite can offer you unparalleled support, when it comes to quartz or granite surfaces.

With our customized service, we know how to cater to your individual needs, from planning and quoting, to installations and project management, Xtreme granite will help make your projects a success.

We’re not just a team, We are FAMILY

At Xtreme Granite, we are not just a team, we are a family.

For over 40 years, we have depended on our partners and our team of experts, each of us aiming for success in every project we undertake, which in turn, motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries of quality and service.